The SkyFi-OW300n utilizes a built-in SkyFi software core and is compatible with SkyFidelity Wireless Management Software. Our SkyFi software core and CWMS management software promotes operation efficiency and network management, making them very suitable for outdoor wireless deployment. The SkyFi-OW300n is the perfect outdoor device for reliably delivering last mile wireless services to businesses or residential broadband subscribers.

The SkyFi-OW300n utilizes 1000mW output Tx Power with built-in 10dBi patch antennas, and also supports 2×2 external N-Type Antenna Connectors (users must enter the software UI to select either built-in antennas or external N-Type antennas, they cannot be used simultaneously). This device and use Wifi Mesh or WDS to provide clients with an Ethernet connection to an expanded local wireless network. The SkyFi-OW300n incorporates a built-in heater with smart sensory control to detect when the device‚Äôs temperatures drop too low. This device is powered through Power over Ethernet, allowing both data and power to be supplied through Cat5 cabling. The SkyFi-OW300n supports 5 operation modes: Router AP mode / Router AP + WDS mode, Pure AP / AP + WDS Mode, Pure WDS Mode, Client Bridge + Universal Repeater AP Mode, and finally WISP + Repeater AP Mode. The SkyFi-OW300n utilizes built-in software interface and is compatible with our remote management systems for simplified deployment, and reduction in maintenance cost.

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