Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships and Garages

Perfect for video surveillance, both because of the value of the inventory and its susceptibility to theft.

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Inventory on site 24 hours a day

Construction Sites are the perfect environment for video surveillance for theft and damage.

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Golf Courses

Protect Pro Shops & Players

Protect millions of dollars in landscaping, vehicles, pro shop inventory and your customers.

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Boats & Personal Property

Boat theft and fraud are big business costing their owners and insurance companies.

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Oil & Gas

Monitor multiple drill sites

Working remote shouldn’t mean sacrificing reliable broadband Internet service.

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RV & Mobile Home

Hard to Reach Locations

Bringing satellite internet to  hard to reach RV & mobilehome parks everywhere.

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Water Locations

Wireless Early Warning Systems

Protection for water goers and decreased liability for the cities.

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Yachts & Boats

Yacht & Boat Concierge

Offering Yacht & Boat Owners Secure and Reliable High-Speed Internet Connectivity

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