Satellite Highspeed Broadband

SkyFidelitys’ core strength is bringing in satellite internet to customers and distributing the feed for live streaming video, VOIP , email, texting and other internet based communications where there is no existing fiber or cable internet available in the area.

SkyFidelity combines satellite internet “footprints” with industrial strength WiFi Access Points that can withstand environments to create a “WiFi Internet Cloud”. SkyFidelity also offers live streaming camera surveillance as well as WiFi hot spots providing “communication corridors” in remote locations.

SkyFidelity Key Benefits

Our high-speed, low-latency satellite system supports business Internet solutions anywhere: email, fax, satellite Internet VoIP, satellite Internet VPN, streaming data, and video. Metered to offer uncongested, low-latency data transmission, which means when you need speed and performance, it will be there

  • Committed Information Rate (CIR) guarantees speed
  • Direct connection to the U.S. Internet backbone
  • Commercial-grade equipment
  • Secure VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Private IP (Internet Protocol) networks
  • 24/7 tech support and flexible service plans

Wireless VPN White Paper

This white paper describes: key features of the Wireless VPN; the core technologies used in WiSAP’s architecture; and deployment strategies for a corporate environment.

As corporate America searches for ways of increasing productivity and lowering costs, wireless technologies is playing a key role. Over the last couple of years the wireless technology has stabilized and it’s been widely accepted. Wireless systems help to remove the overhead of running wires to every cubicle or room.

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