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1712, 2015

Incredible weaknesses in existing SCADA systems

Is critical infrastructure any more secure than it was a year ago, or five years ago? Well according to three different reports from experts, it doesn’t seem like it. Instead, it seems like critical infrastructure [...]

1712, 2015

SCADA System Vulnerabilities to Cyber Attack

by William T. Shaw, Cyber SECurity Consulting Summary: In the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, and with the ever-growing threat of “cyber terrorism”, a very important question has arisen concerning the vulnerability of the computer-based, [...]

1112, 2015

SCADA Vulnerability on the Rise

Industrial control systems (ICS), including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, are increasingly at risk of cyber-attack, recent security reports have revealed. Both the capabilities to attack such systems and the number of attacks [...]

911, 2015

Telecoms executives meet in Miami in November

SkyFidelity Industries, Inc. to attend CariCam – a high level networking summit that brings together key players from network operators and suppliers to discuss ways to drive forward solutions in the region. The summit combines [...]

111, 2015

SkyFidelity, Inc. to attend OilComm Conference

SkyFidelity Industries, Inc. to attend the 2015 OilComm Conference & Exposition in Houston Texas! Now in its 15th year, OilComm (formerly Offshore Communications) launched in 2000, and it is the event for communications professionals in [...]