SkyFidelity Industries, Inc. to attend CariCam – a high level networking summit that brings together key players from network operators and suppliers to discuss ways to drive forward solutions in the region. The summit combines educative content, assessing the state of the industry and identifying new areas of growth with an occasion for one to one interaction and networking. It is today the most recognized business event in the Caribbean and Central America region. The participants gained a keen sense of the dynamics of a Caribbean and Central America mobile marketplace through presentations, numerous questions and answers sessions, and more than a few social events.

In 2002, Informa developed this conference to serve as an open forum for all those interested in mobile, data and wireless issues impacting the Caribbean and Central American regions, including North and South America. This event provides an opportunity to share and learn about how to successfully operate in the region. It’s a target and business oriented event. This conference also allows for ample networking with all the events and meals that are included as part of the conference package.

About SkyFidelity

SkyFidelitys’ core strength is bringing in satellite internet to customers and distributing the feed for live streaming video, VOIP , email, texting and other internet based communications where there is no existing fiber or cable internet available in the area. SkyFidelity combines satellite internet “footprints” with industrial strength WiFi Access Points that can withstand the environment to create a “WiFi Internet Cloud”. SkyFidelity also focuses on industries where we offer live streaming camera surveillance as well as WiFi hot spots providing a “communications corridor” in remote locations.

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Timothy P. Peabody
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 949-420-0678

Robert Buck
Director of Sales
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Shawn Schaper
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